Frequently asked questions about our welding services

welding services
My wheel is cracked can I get it repaired?
 Yes. Most likely you have been told to get a new wheel, which is quite expensive but in most cases our specialist machinery can repair it. Call us to discuss your damage. 
How successful are your repairs?
We have a fantastic success rate with less than 1% of our customers returning in 6 months and less than 2% after 1 year. 

 Will a cracked wheel or alloy cause a puncture?
Yes it is likely that the crack could cause punctures and quite often, particularly with run flats, can cause damage. We will inspect the crack and aim to repair it so you do not have to buy a new wheel and hopefully save you money.

How do I know if you are reputable?
We have been trading continuously for over 34 years. Ask any nearby garage. 
Wheel repairs and more

Wheel repairs and more

Specialist welding services

Do you just repair wheels for cars?
No we have specialist equipment and often repair rare antiques, furniture and even sculpture, so give us a call.
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